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What is an Underdeck?

An underdeck is commonly referred to as the ‘catch all’ for lawn equipment, but never known as a living space. When I would visit my friend, we would sit underneath his deck that was overlooking the golf course behind his home, while having a cold beer. I went to visit one summer afternoon and my friend was discussing how he would love to use the area under his deck as a porch or patio, if only it stayed dry, clean, and most off all, attractive. This ran across my mind as I left my buddy’s house. I had a panel system fabricated with some gutters and we decided to install it on his home. Wow! What a major difference it had made. Before we knew it, we did this for more friends and family members. Little did we know, that day changed our lives. We just started a new concept that is often referred to as an ‘underdeck’. I started marketing our amazing idea, Undercover Systems, in 1995, and our business has continued to grow tremendously each and every year. We have numerous licensed dealers that install our Undercover Systems across the United States.

———————— KEEP?
Undercover Systems started with just a simple idea and concept. In the early 1990’s, two friends were discussing how to use the space located under the deck to keep the space dry and useable. An interlocking panel system was created! Before the underdeck was developed, the only solution was metal roofing, or even some type of barn siding. This was non-effective in keeping the area dry or waterproofed. The Undercover Systems Inc. company opened and began in Atlanta, Georgia, and the rest is history!

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