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Completely finish your outdoor living area with an under deck roof system!

Whether you need space to entertain or just have more family time, an underdeck will extend and enhance the way your family and pets enjoy the backyard.

Our waterproof elegantly finished under deck system will last you a lifetime and needs very little annual maintenance.

Say goodbye to pressure washing, wet debris, weather-damaged outdoor furniture, as well as bees, and spiders!

Underdecking creates an excellent place for a man cave as well!

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Why Our Under Deck Ceiling Systems Are The Best

Dry Patio Solutions is known for its extreme attention to detail and unprecedented level of quality. All installers have been personally trained by the owner, who still does installations today, and are held accountable to the very highest standards.

We service North Carolina and northern South Carolina.


Why people love the system only Dry Patio Solutions provides and installs:

  • Nearly eliminates all maintenance
  • The extremely dramatic finished product
  • Increased home value
  • Extends the life and retains the quality of expensive outdoor furniture
  • Engineered to handle snow and ice loads
  • 5 designer selected colors to enhance any style of home
  • 3 different textures
  • A very highly trained staff of installers that are held accountable for the quality of the work
  • Many options available to greatly enhance your outdoor living area – lighting, speakers, ceiling fans, swings, and much more
  • Allows for cleaning/ staining of the deck above without damage below
  • Provides a great living area for pets while you are away at work
  • Significantly reduces debris from entering the home
  • The confidence of the limited lifetime warranty

Play. Entertain. Relax.

Whatever you love to do outdoors, Dry Patio Solutions provides a dry space for it year-round.

Increase your dry, usable home space - and home value - with this custom designed Under Deck Ceiling System that won't wreck your deck.

Choose from beautiful color options for your under deck - gray, white, and tan.
Order our new premium V Bead Panel design available in all colors to complement you home!

Get your Underdeck. It's as easy as 1,2,3!


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Choose from beautiful color options for your under deck ceiling system – gray, white, and tan or the all new sky blue. Our simulated V Bead Panel and also embossed design are available in all colors to complement your home!

There is no up charge for mixing and matching the gutters and panels together to enhance the look.


All components are custom manufactured for us by a facility that is dedicated to very tight tolerances. We constantly inspect those standards and verify the quality of the raw material to ensure that you will receive only the very best product.

Professionally trained installers ensure that you will have a lifetime of great
service. They are dedicated to total satisfaction.

The dual-purpose gutter system is a very big part of the system. It not only collects the water and distributes it to a strategic location but it also acts as the support system for the interlocking panels which span the full width of the deck. We are not limited by the length of panels. They are custom cut to fit every size area. The same is true of our gutter which will be custom fabricated with accurate miters to not only look great but perform well over an extremely long period of time. All water and debris is channeled from the ceiling panels to the perimeter gutter system then exits through strategically located downspouts.

Once the gutter system is in place and all the ceiling panels are up, our installers will thoroughly clean up the designated work area and you can begin enjoying your beautiful new outdoor living area immediately.


We offer this limited lifetime warranty because our manufacturer provides
outstanding product quality on each and every system that we and install. here

We will warranty your under deck roofing system for as long as you own your home against all leaks and also paint fade or failure. This warranty does not cover damage, acts of God or any other Natural Disaster. It does not cover excessive movement of deck framing caused by the improper installation of composite decking. This is intended to cover defects in the product finish or with our workmanship as well as all leakage.

Cleaning and other maintenance are not covered. Any leaks outside of our perimeter guttering system are not included in the warranty. Annual gutter cleaning may be required if you are located in areas where there is high debris such as live oak leaves etc.

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Spend more time outside with the ones you love.

Our Underdecks can be customized in different colors and styles to complement your lifestyle.

With unmatched quality control, a Dry Patio Solutions Underdeck gives you the peace of mind of an exceptional product, and professional installation.


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